At Venuiti,
we live and breathe data.

When it comes down to it, it's what we hang our hats on. Analytics speak to every aspect of technology and business and sets up crucial metrics. It's what enables programs to be properly optimized in today's "immediacy" age. 

In the words of Yogi Berra, "If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else". Companies without proper analytics system setups often don't know where they are and where this will lead them. Almost as bad, there are the companies who are confident in their analytics set up (even if it's not ideal) but who never check it or do anything about it. In either case, these companies have lots of data about what's working and what's not, but don't change what they are doing in accordance with what they've learned. It's stressful for us to watch companies feel confident that they are engaged in the practice of analytics when it's really not enough to just HAVE data. Optimization means having the data speak to you - and knowing how to speak its language. Too often, this is not the case.

Not using the available data is costly.

After all, if you don’t know how different content contributes to the bottom line how will you know where to focus your marketing dollars?

The short answer is that you won’t. Perhaps one type of content is vastly outperforming all others on your website, and your audience is clamoring for more. However, if you don’t have proper analytics reporting setup, you may only put out this type of content once in a blue moon. Without analytics, you will miss out on opportunities to generate leads and increase revenue.

At Venuiti we want everyone to benefit from data that comes from their programs. We know the importance of obtaining AND using data... properly. For the programs we are engaged in, you'll never receive just the links to data set-up. Contract us in and we'll build your tools but also outline the proper collection, testing and utilization steps so you know how to use it, or we can do it for you ourselves. To us, constantly updating and optimizing is the only way to help your bottom line. We take a comprehensive approach and this optimization extends to all features of your web properties. When you ask us to manage, we don't operate in secret, it's your company and you should know what's going on. We create robust and regular reporting processes where our analytics and business consultants work together to deliver information which tells a story. If things are going great, we'll let you know why and how to ensure it keeps happening. If not, and the data says there was a misstep made, we aren't scared to bring it up and push you for change - after all, reinventing is what we're all about. You'll come to appreciate it, we assure you.

Big data is here to stay, but it's not the panacea that fixes marketing. It's important that you don't fall behind your competitors by letting all that valuable information go to waste. Contact us today and let's reinvent how you do analytics.



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