Date: October 18

A detailed project scope can be the difference between a successful software development project and a disaster. Let us explain what a project scope should look like. It should be detailed and cover as many aspects of the project as possible so that all parties involved are clear about the work being undertaken. It should document previous discussions, and explain what work is being done that is included in the scope as well as what future work may be needed that would fall outside the scope. If a project scope comes back to you for a complex task that is only a couple of pages long, alarm bells should ring. Aspects of your project won't have been covered and it could spiral out of control, leaving you over-budget with an end-product different to what you expected.

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Date: October 4

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Date: September 12

Outsourcing your software project can be tricky. Here are five solutions to ensure your success.

You've researched and considered the benefits of outsourcing such as saving your internal team time, cutting costs and working with specialists. But there's more to it than figuring out the benefits of software outsourcing. You still have to make sure the outsourcing partner has the right developers for the project, stays within budget, and makes sure your company values are upheld. Easier said than done.

In fact, almost half of all outsourced projects don't meet expectations or fail outright. The most common reasons for unsuccessful outsourced projectsare "failing to properly communicate expectations" and "not meeting deadlines."

As a leading software development company, we've seen all sorts of situations arise. Here are five problems we often see, and the solutions to prevent them from happening.

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Date: August 13

There are many benefits of outsourcing software development services, but scope creep can strike unsuspecting companies and turn a simple project into a nightmare. Luckily, it can be avoided with proper planning. This post will tell you what scope creep is, how it happens. and how to avoid it.


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Date: July 30

When you're outsourcing software development, you need to be confident the company you choose will get your project done right. Easier said than done. If you don't do your research, you could find yourself unnecessarily stressed and end up regretting ever choosing to outsource. Do outsourcing well, and you tap into a goldmine of specialized resources that deliver high-quality products that are made more efficiently, saving you time and money. Below are five ways to ensure you reap the benefits of outsourcing.

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