Date: February 20

Artificial Intelligence is here, but it isn’t scary. In fact, you can use it to help you get leads and ultimately grow your bottom line!  At Venuiti we are constantly surveying the field for the latest technologies which can help our clients, and in AI we have found a sure winner.

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Date: February 6

In today's globalized world, there is a litany of agencies a firm can choose to work with. With so many choices, so many specialities, setting up your RFP or even just selecting the right partner can be difficult. So here's a little guide to how an evaluation and selection process can be made easier. These are suggestions for how to look at what your prospect agencies are talking to you about as you plan.

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Date: January 30

Marketing vs. Sales. There has always been a debate on where the line is between the two. With the advent of modern technology, this line has become blurrier than ever. It can be difficult for companies to know which tools belong to which department and how to allocate resources. We have seen this confusion first hand as we have worked with companies who experience this dilemma.

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Date: January 23

No matter what the current joke is, or what political gaff is happening today, we appreciate America! Many of our best and brightest are there now living and thriving and we love that you come up here to see us from time to time. For many American companies, small, medium, or large, globalization and outsourcing have revolutionized the way business gets done. 

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Date: January 18

For over 2 decades now, companies have sought to exploit the benefits of the web given the immediacy it affords marketing. Early on, display banners were a good sell given the limited number of competitors - making it an easy traffic builder for brands who bought into the channel. Interestingly, early on, there wasn't much data on how well display worked, but, the dawn of the analytics age changed all that. Big data gave a great deal of insight into digital display effectiveness, re-targeting, and funnel strategies became the norm, to the dismay of many a consumer. 

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